2017/09/20 We hope you had nice summer holidays. We're back in Berlin and working on new features for the next SampleRobot update release. One thing that caught our attention in summer was the deluge from Synthstrom Audible. This nifty box contains a sequencer + sampler + synthesizer + effects and it even runs on battery. You can sample with the deluge on the road and also import wav files to build your own drum kits and sample instruments. Wouldn't it be cool to create the kits in one go? We had a closer look at the deluge's kit format which is based on XML. So including it in SampleRobot should be a manageable task. For us the deluge is one of the most innovative sampling instruments. It starts where the Tenori-On ended.

It's a great pleasure that John Bowen joined our artists user group. He created most of the legendary Sequential Circuits sounds which can be heard on so many fantastic albums. So we are looking forward to new samples and sound sets for the Solaris. Check'em out!

Qui Robinez, known from the Korg Kronos community, recently worked with SampleRobot and WaveRobot. "I was really impressed by the autoloop algorithm! Almost every sound i threw at it, SampleRobot was capable of creating great looppoints." Thank you very much for the flowers!


Try out WaveRobot 5

2017/06/15 The Demo version of WaveRobot 5 is now available in the SKYLIFE STORE. Feel free to download it and to check out the new features. At the moment we are planning dedicated video tutorials. Just subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter.


WaveRobot 5 now available - Advanced Loop And Transient Finder

2017/06/07 We are glad to announce that WaveRobot 5 is now officially available on the SKYLIFE STORE. A new demo version is will be available shortly.

WaveRobot 5 offers a fantastic palette of features to auto-truncate and seamlessly loop all kinds of samples. Highly developed loop searching algorithms in combination with marker-based fast-zoom editing deliver optimum results. There is even a backward-forward loop with 2 crossfades available to loop sounds that alter in level over time. Be creative with it and produce cool drones and unheard beats. Talking about beats WaveRobot can export the loop-only section of a sample making it an ideal partner when creating loop-based content for e.g. Ableton's Live. If you change loop markers you can lock tempo or the number of beats and see in realtime how changing the loop length will affect tempo and metrum.

If you have roughly edited samples (even with little background noise) WaveRobot's Auto-Note feature can detect the sound transients and chop off all unwanted silence automatically. If you work with audio and samples on a daily base WaveRobot is a must-have.

WaveRobot 5 is now available in the SKYLIFE STORE for 69€ / 79$ / 75£.

WaveRobot 5 features

  • Sophisticated loop searching based on editable search markers.
  • Automatic transient recognition for truncating of samples.
  • Direct playback of the 5 best loop search results.
  • Graphical loop overlay for visual loop editing.
  • Supersize WaveRobot window (up to 3200 x 2000 pixels).
  • Export full samples or just the loops in WAV or AIFF format.
  • Realtime BPM and Beats display while loop editing.
  • Silence markers for noise threshold definition.
  • Fast zooming from sample level to wave overview.
  • Marker auto-snap to zero-crossings.
  • Loop modes: x-fade and backward-forward with 2 crossfades.
  • Many Autogain crossfade types like lin, log, exp, sin.
  • Pristine rendering of crossfades and backward-forward loops.
  • Overlay of left and right waveforms to see zero crossings.
  • Automatic loop click and pop reduction.
  • Includes new premium multisamples in Soundfont2 format.
  • Optimized graphical user interface.
  • Compatible with Mac OS Sierra and Windows 10.
  • Batch edit functionality in conjunction with SampleRobot.

Last but not least we would like to share this nice user feedback by Chad Taylor which we received a few days ago. Thank you very much!

SampleRobot offered top-notch support when I got stuck while using their software. They were patient and thorough and were able to get me up and running very quickly. Couldn’t have asked for better service or software. SampleRobot has easily cut my product creation time down by 90% of what it used to be. I can’t believe I went this long without it!

-Chad Taylor


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